About us

AIR ILLUSION was born as a Design Manufacturing & Consulting Firm in 2012. Bob Verna and Oscar Alvarez Andreu Create Aviation Furniture & Custom Aviation Themed Spaces from Vintage Aircraft Parts. These unique parts are lost in time and they bring them back to life!
Bob Verna, Co-Founder of AIR ILLUSION, started flying with a Top Flight Balsa Wood glider. That led to a Piper Cub, which led to a Piper Tri-Pacer, Cessna 172 and so on. Many flight hours later he diverted his flying time to preserving his passion. As an Electrical Engineer, General Contractor, Inventor and along with his extensive experience in design build projects, Bob created a different means to continue his love of airplanes thus airillusion was born. Bob had this idea for almost 25 years and he finally got a chance to pursue this dream. 
Oscar Alvarez Andreu, Co- Founder of AIR ILLUSION is a Cryptocurrency  Investor, Welder, Machinist & Airplane and Car aficionado and with his extensive experience in Corporate Sales, Bob & Oscar started making this Dream a reality the day Bob pitched the idea! Bob and Oscar have both been involved in numerous business ventures in various industries.
They love the freedom of creating art and they always prioritize quality work over time constraints. No short cuts are ever taken. 
They believe ingenuity takes much effort in design and manufacturing and are always pushing the limits on what can be mechanically and aesthetically done with aircraft parts!

We look forward to making your Ideal Aviation Furniture Piece or Aviation Themed Space a Reality!